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Saturday, July 3rd
Havana Nights Party

Sunday, July 4th
Wiffle Ball, Beach Bash BBQ,
Poolside Band Party & Fireworks

The Don Cesar Beach Resort
Special room rates, call 800.282.1116


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Phone:   (813) 944-2558

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The Island Reporter, June 2010

Link to Channel 10 Newscast of JMF Naming at All Children's Hospital in St Pete, FL on May 27th.


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Primary Immunodeficiency: When the Body's Defenses are Missing

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Thank You - the 2009 Event Was a Great Success

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July 4th Wiffle Ball Tournament
at the Don CeSar Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach

Ear infections, pneumonia, sinus infections - multiple rounds of antibiotics with little effect… 

The world of a child with Primary Immunodeficiency can mean lots of doctor’s appointments, sick days at home, and medicine. Parents nurture their sick little ones, invest countless hours learning about the condition, and await the days when their children will live the healthy lives they deserve.

Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) causes children and adults to have infections that come back frequently or unusually hard to cure.  Most Primary Immunodeficiencies are genetic disorders; the majority are diagnosed in childhood, although many may not be recognized until adulthood. It affects as many as one million Americans, and 10 million people worldwide.

After James and Connie Ramos’ two children had been diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency, they not only have committed to learning everything they can for their own children’s well-being, they’ve committed to helping fund research to understand more about the cause and cure for families who will fight the same battle in the future. Their physician and co-champion, Dr. John Sleasman, is the Professor and Chief of the Division of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology at the University of South Florida’s Department of Pediatrics. Together with the leadership of the University along with All Children’s Hospital, the group has established a Southeast Primary Immunodeficiency Network (SEPIN) under the umbrella of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation.

With an innovative and fun twist on fundraising for the cause, event chairs, James and Derek Alvarez and committee will host the Second Annual Wiffle Ball Tournament this 4th of July!  The tournament and party will be held at the Don CeSar Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach.  Old-fashioned Bar-B-Que, kid’s games, and wiffle ball will fill the day, and continue with special room rates, music, and fireworks.

In 2009, the event’s first year was a great success.  Results from these funds and awareness included a comfort & fun area for children at the brand new Infusion Center at All Children’s, a community education and awareness campaign sponsorship at the new Glazer Children’s Museum in Downtown Tampa, set to open later this year; and funding for a Genetic Analysis study at the University focused on patients with PI.  In May, a Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic & Research Center will be dedicated at All Children’s Hospital, one of 72 prestigious Centers in the world focused toward the earliest diagnosis of PI and the start of a yearly Jeffrey Modell Foundation Kids Day, where immunology patients from the University and All Children’s Hospital can have the opportunity to enjoy a day out and just be kids.

To make your reservations and support this worthy effort, please call Connie Ramos at 813.944.2558,  Checks can be made payable to the Jeffrey Modell Foundation.  All dollars raised will be matched 100% by the Foundation. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

For information pertaining to the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, visit